101 Lacrosse Sonoma Rosters

101 Lacrosse Sonoma Girls 2017-2018 Rosters

Petaluma, CA – Over 60 youth and high school players descended onto E. Washington Park for the 101 Lacrosse Sonoma tryouts.  While the heat was near intolerable, the play was exceptionally.  Players battled hard despite the weather to compete for a spot with the 101 Sonoma squad.  We are excited to announce the rosters below and would like to thank everyone who came out.  We will be holding supplemental youth & high school tryouts later this fall.  Thank you to all who came out.


HS Black
Taylor Hoxsie
Skye Whitlock
Sophia Leland
Gillie Mason
Ashley McBride
Sophia Haeuser
Anika McCarthy-Belash
Tatum Shaver
Jewel Carstensen
Macy Anderson
Elka Piotter
Hailee Seehusen
Ashlee Crowley
Jenna Robinson
Emma Clark
Lauren Picardi
Alexandra Gregorio
Adeline Frantz
Elizabeth Manka
Kylie Moser
Nicole Mattos
Hayden Callihan

HS Gold
Alyssa Schimm
Jensen Hedley
Katelyn Johnson
Gianna Davis
Anna Ghanbarzadeh
Alexis Lage
Camille Bollinger
Mary Gallo
Ali Gershik
Charlotte Grahame
Isabella LeKander
Sophia Licata
Alexandra Baker
Amanda Plumb
Lys Taddei
Hannah Grubb
Meg Mairinas


We will be posting a full 14U team after our supplemental tryouts later this fall.