Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about 101 to make an informed decision and up your game...

What is 101 Lacrosse?

101 Lacrosse is a developmental, off-season lacrosse program that offers youth and high school teams and tournaments for boys and girls. Our motto is “Play Hard. Play Smart. Play Together. Have Fun.” We operate with the mission to give local players the opportunity to improve their game and develop their skill set in a fun, competitive atmosphere that is close to their home.

Who is 101 Lacrosse?

101 Lacrosse was founded in 2015 by Panchito Ojeda. Coach Ojeda has built the 101 family of coaches to be some of the best in region. We pride ourselves on quality coaching, employing head high school coaches, head college coaches and current college players. We are serious when we state that we have one of the best coaching staffs in the region. Check out our staff in the About 101 Section!

I am new to 101 Lacrosse, what is required from our family and child to join the program?

Welcome to our team! It is great to hear of your interest in joining our lacrosse program. Our teams practice and compete in the Summer, Fall, and Winter seasons. To join our program players must tryout and register for the respective season. Players are required to attend practices and tournaments.

Where can I find information about tryouts?

All tryout information is posted and updated on our “Tryout” page. We typically hold 2-3 tryouts per year; early February, mid-May, and August/September. Please check our tryout page if you’re interested in joining our program. All tryouts are free!

What is 101 Lacrosse's Attendance Policy

All players are expected to attend all 101 events. Missing practices or tournaments can have an impact on playing time and/or future participation with 101 Lacrosse.

What are the costs to be a member of 101 Lacrosse?

We pride ourselves on being affordable to all families and players. Players can select to join 101 Lacrosse as seasonal members or annual members. Please read over our Membership page. Annual membership is offered prior to the Fall / Winter season. Seasonal membership is divided into “Summer” and “Fall/Winter”. Members receive three tournaments per season and all practices. New players receive custom shorts and shooting shirt. We introduce new gear each summer.

Do seasonal members receive different tournaments than annual members?

No, 101 Lacrosse requires Gold & Black teams to compete in three required tournaments every season. Fees for these tournaments are included in your Membership Dues. Youth and White teams may have different required tournaments.

How does 101 Lacrosse contact families and players?

We use TeamSnap to communicate all of our information. Each family has access to TeamSnap as a member of 101 Lacrosse. It is very simple and easy to use. We send emails out weekly during the season with logistical information.

How many teams does 101 Lacrosse have?

101 Lacrosse operates teams in San Francisco and Sonoma.

101 Sonoma – We strive to have youth teams at the Girls & Boy’s U12 and U14 levels based on age guidelines established by US Lacrosse Association.
➤ Our High School (HS) Boy’s teams are based on skill level, fielding HS Black (typically Juniors/Seniors) & HS Gold (typically Freshman/Sophomores).
➤ Our High School (HS) Girl’s teams are based on skill level, fielding HS Black (typically Juniors/Seniors) & HS Gold (typically Freshman/Sophomores).

Should play for 101 SF or 101 Sonoma?

We do not want families driving long distances for practices. Our goal is convenience and ease for every member of our program. Typically we suggest that players play for the area team closer to their home. However, in our first year with 101 SF, we may make exceptions for players to ensure all of teams feature similarly-skilled players, thus allowing maximum development and improvement!

Sounds Great! I'm excited! How do I register?

Registration for tryouts on our “Tryout” Page.

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